Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Beauty Swap | with Petit Moi - Big World

The lovely Kat from Tales of a Pale Face decided to organise a summer beauty swap last month; all you had to do was sign up and she'd pair you with another blogger! I'd never taken part in a blog swap before and it sounded really exciting, so I said I was in.

I was paired with the wonderful Laura from Petit Moi Big World (she's lovely and so is her blog, check it out!). We got chatting and got down to business straight away, discussing products and our likes/dislikes. We agreed on a budget of £25.00, a decent amount! It didn't take us long to gather everything together and we both received our boxes yesterday. 

I've got to say I really enjoyed shopping for someone else and picking products I hoped Laura would love! Sending off her parcel was exciting and nerve wracking, I was just hoping she'd like what I got her! I think the feeling was mutual, and safe to say I'm thrilled with the lovely things I was given. 

Laura wrapped everything up beautifully and included a little note that I wasn't to read until I'd opened everything! It was all very exciting! 

Laura picked some amazing things for me! We also agreed to send each other some freebies (things we didn't like, wouldn't use or maybe didn't work for us). Laura sent me a Barry M sequin nail paint, a gorgeous pair of lashes that will definitely be getting a lot of wear, and some pots of Vaseline which always come in handy!

Laura bought me a beautiful Fashionista palette that I've put together now, that included some metallic neutrals in Gold Rush and Exclusive Collection, a lovely shimmery champagne in Nude Glimmer and an amazing purple colour called Bewitched. I'm wearing Bewitched today and it's just gorgeous. I also got some "I Love" Strawberries & Milkshake hand cream and lip balm, which smell amazing and so yummy!

I also received the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate, which I already own but really like! Laura is so amazing she wants to swap it for something else I haven't got, isn't she brilliant? So unbelievably kind of her and I just wanted to thank her again! 

Also in my box were some Superdrug face masks, which I've often wandered past in store and thought about picking up! I do love a pamper session with a face mask, so these certainly won't go wrong!

 Finally I received the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polish in Greenberry, which I've been lusting after for ages, and the Barry M The Magic Lip Paint, which looks green in the tube but turns your lips a lovely pink colour! I'm wearing Greenberry right now, and safe to say it's now my favourite summer nail polish so thank you so so much Laura for picking it for me!

I really enjoyed swapping with Laura, she's so so lovely and I'd love to swap again! It's been a really enjoyable experience, shopping for someone else is incredibly fulfilling. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better swap partner, so thank you Kat for pairing us up! You can see what I got for Laura here. 

Fiona xox


  1. I am so glad you like everything. I think you'll like the replacement too hehe! In fact I'm sure you'll become a future addict from now on ;)

    I really did have thebest time doing this :) xx

  2. I'm doing this swap too - can't wait till me arrives! njoy the FashionistA Palette - I'm loving my blush one!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog


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