Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bomb Cosmetics: Rock n' Roller Soap

When I came home last night, my mother presented me with a gift, which was very thoughtful and sooo lovely when it turned out to be Rock n' Roller Soap by Bomb Cosmetics!

I've never tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics before, but I have heard of them. This is once of their soap slices, which retail at £2.49 for 100g, a really decent price for a big bar of soap!

Its a gorgeous green bar with lots of silver glitter and a star decoration inside the soap. And of course, it smells devine!

The Bomb Cosmetics website says: "A deliciously scented Lime and Kiwi soap made with a cocktail of get up and party citrus oils to help stimulate and energise you for the long night ahead!".

The scent is a mixture of lime, kiwi and apple, with peaches and cream, lilly and jasmine, and finishes off with soft vanilla and musk. Its really fresh, fruity and zesty, I haven't smelt anything like it but I really love it and can't wait to use it!

The soaps are available here:

Hope you enjoyed this! Whats your favourite soap brand? x

Monday, 19 March 2012

NOTD: Pastel Ombre.

Inspired by my beautiful M.A.C Blush Ombre in Azelea Blossom.

Polishes used: Strawberry Ice Cream by Barry M, Berry Ice Cream by Barry M and Starry Night glitter polish by GOSH.

The camera really doesn't show just how lovely this is, it only shows how messy my nails are close up, and not the beautiful multi-coloured glitter!

Hope you enjoyed this post! If you'd like to see more NOTD's or any kind of posts at all, just let me know! xx

Lipstick Collection.

As promised, heres my lipstick collection! It is mostly M.A.C, but I'm trying to branch out into other brands and I'm going to try other brands like Revlon in the near future!

From top left: MAC Girl About Town, MAC Viva Glam Gaga, MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2, Rimmel Kate Moss 02, Rimmel Kate Moss 04, MAC Sweetie, MAC Lustering, MAC Coral Polyp, Rimmel 006 Pink Blush, Avon Pout, MAC Russian Red, MAC Lady Danger, MAC So Scarlet, MUA Shade 13.

Ok, so I'll start off with the bottom row; the reds!

M.A.C Russian Red: One of MAC's most famous lipstick shades, a true matte red. I would repurchase but I think I'l be trying Ruby Woo first as its slgihtly more blue toned, which I prefere.

M.A.C Lady Danger: Another matte, its a very orangey red, this was my first ever MAC lipstick. And truthfully, I haven't gotten much wear out of it, I prefer a true red but I'm going to try and use it up this summer.

M.A.C So Scarlet: Part of their 'Cult of Cherry' collection a few years ago, this amplified deep berry lipstick is one of my favourites, I wish I'd bought a back up! Its so vampy and lovely, especially paired with the Cult of Cherry lipglass, which MAC will hopefully be bringing back later this year.

MUA Shade 13: A lovely dark red, doesn't have great staying power compared to other lipsticks, but for £1, I can't complain!

M.A.C Girl About Town: My most recent addition, this amplified lipstick is a stunning fuschia pink with blue undertones. I haven't had this long but I adore it.

Rimmel Kate Moss in Shade 02: Part of the new Kate Moss lipstick collection, this is another of my fuschia pinks, but slightly more red toned, but very similar on the lips to Girl About Town. I take it out with me if I'm wearing bright pink lips but don't want to carry an expensive lippy about! (After an accident where I lost a Hello Kitty lipglass at an 18th, I've learnt my lesson!).

M.A.C Lustering: I've shied away from this for years, I got Lustering mixed up with Impassioned and bought it accidently online. However, I wore this yesterday and actually really really liked it! It's a lovely lustre almost yellow toned pink, almost like a darker, sheerer version of the Nicki Minaj.

M.A.C Sweetie: A nice pretty shimmery lustre lipstick. A lovely baby pink, its almost finished and I don't think I'll buy it again because its nothing special and I'm not a big fan of really shimmery lipsticks.

These don't show up well on cameria, but anyway!

M.A.C Viva Glam GaGa: A lovely bubblegum pink, I'm not sold on this lustre lipstick yet, not too sure if it suits me but it really is gorgeous and I'll find a way to wear it.

Rimmel Pink Blush 006: A very similar shade to the Viva Glam, a touch darker and much creamier, not sure how I feel about this either!

M.A.C Viva Glam GaGa 2: A nice creamy nude, I still need to find a way to make this work for me but it really is lovely.

Avon Pout: A peachy nude, I've had this for ages and its just right for wearing with a smokey eye.

M.A.C Coral Polyp: Part of the Dame Edna collection, this bright coral is really stunning, but I wish I'd ordered the two other colours from the collection instead because I can only wear this in the summer and rarely do.

Rimmel Kate Moss Shade 04: This stunning dark purple is amazing and so so vampy. I haven't been brave enough to wear this out yet, but I love it!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Whats your favourite lipstick? xx

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bacs.

If you're from the USA, you'll know all about these little babies. If you (like me) are not, then let me introduce you to the PocketBac from Bath & Body Works.

Left to right: Sour Drop, Gum Ball, Apple, Forbidden Apple, Black Cherry.

They're small 29ml bottles of anti-bacterial hand gel. They come in all sorts of scents and designs, and they're just lovely. Being a fan of anti-bac hand gel and a regular festival goer, I had my heart set on getting some of their Halloween designs.

Here in the UK, the offerings as far as hand gel is concerned are poor. Mostly they have no scent, or if they do, its either citrus or cucumber. Recently Soap & Glory produced a grapefruit scented hand gel, and The Body Shop have recently released several fruity scented hand gels, both of which I've yet to try.

A few months ago, I discovered the PocketBac's, and purchased 'Forbidden Apple' from Ebay. The scent is so strong and it stays on your hands for ages, and being a true Halloween freak, the bottle was what first attracted me to the product.

So last week, I bought 4 more Halloween themed hand gels, and here they are!
Sour Drop: The purple gel, my least favourite scent, smells like melon but sour.
Gum Ball: The blue gel, one of my favourites, smells exactly like bubble gum!
Bat Bite Apple: Not as strong as 'Forbidden Apple', but still very nice.
Skulls: Forbidden Apple: A very strong, sweet apple scent.
Scary Cats: Black Cherry: A sweet cherry scent, smells like Cherry Bakewells.

I really love these, in the US they retail at $1.50 each, very cheap, and you can get them on Ebay for a very decent price. I'll definitely be buying more and asking my family to bring me some back from Florida.

If you'd like to see a product reviewed, or anything at all, just let me know by leaving a comment! x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Body Shop: Mango Shower Gel & Body Lotion.

Just a quick overview of The Body Shop's Mango Shower Gel and Body Lotion.

This stuff is just gorgeous. The scent is so...delicious! So fresh and fruity and just amazing. I love it.  ws given the shower gel and soap bar for Christmas, opened it this week and had to get my hands on the body lotion so I could smell of mangoes even more!

The incredibly fruity fresh mango shower gel, £4.00 for 250ml or £5.50 for 400ml, is incredibly cleansing and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Unfortunately it doesn't leave too much mango scent on the skin, but thats what the body lotion is for! 

This body lotion is divine. I would have loved to have tried their mango body butter, but £12.50 just seemed a little extreme. £8.00 for 250ml isn't much better, but still! The pump bottle is much easier to use than a tub, and the incredible summery scent is still strong. It makes my skin feel lovely and soft too.

If you don't want to shell out crazy amounts of money on a scent you're not sure about, The Body Shop do small gift sets for £6.00, which contain a mini shower gel, mini body lotion and a shower puff. They do them in all their different scents and I'll definitely be buying the strawberry set at somepoint to see what its like!

Whats your favourite Body Shop scent? I hope you enjoyed this wee overview, if theres any new products you would like me to review, just let me know! x
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