Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Avon SuperShock Gel Liner Review.

Heres a review of the Avon SuperShock Gel Liners I got the other day!

I don't normally order make-up from Avon very often, I usually don't like the quality. But I'd heard such good things about the SuperShock liners (including their quality - they've been compared to Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on pencils) that I just had to buy their two new colours, Blackberry and Golden Fawn.

Blackberry is a gorgeous browny/plummy colour with lots of red and pink shimmer, and Golden Fawn (which has been compared to Rose Platine by Chanel by a few people), is a gorgeous champagne colour with lots of silver sparkle.

They really are great. They go on really smooth and creamy, they're definitely similar to the Urban Decay liners in terms of application and quality! I'm not sure I'd agree with the name 'gel liner', for me, a gel liner comes in a little pot and needs to be applied with a brush. These are just super soft, super creamy pencil eyeliners. They have amazing staying power too, It took more than a few swipes of my baby wipes to get the swatches off my hand.

Speaking of swatches, here they are:

Overall, I'm really impressed with these eyeliners, the colours are gorgeous and I've been using them on my lower lash line for a nice pop of colour! I'll definitely be picking up some of the other colours they do and I think I'll be buying the black when I run out of black eyeliner, which won't be anytime soon!

Have you tried the Avon SuperShock liners? If theres a product you'd like me to review, just leave a comment and let me know! x 


  1. Love the look of both of these, really want to try one now. The last time I tried an Avon product was when I raided my mum's makeup bag at the age of 10! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Aha! I'm glad you like them so much, they really are gorgeous! I've been wearing blackberry all day today, on my upper lashline (which I never do with a pencil) and it hasn't smudged at all! :) xx

  3. these eyeliners seem great! i love the colors:)


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