Friday, 17 February 2012

Review: Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask.

I've been looking to try a new face mask for a while. The ones in the packets don't really do it for me, and my Soap & Glory 'The Fab Pore' face mask, as much as I love it, makes my skin sting instead of calming it down. It costs £5.95 for a 75g tub, pretty pricey but you do get quite a lot for a face mask.

So, enter Cupcake from Lush. I've been trying to get into Lush products more over the last few months, and this seemed perfect. A face mask for oily, spotty skin, and it smells like chocolate? Yes please!

It smells super gorgeous, really chocolately with a hint of mint. I've been having a serious phase of breakouts, much worse than I usually do, but I've had this product for just under a week, used it a handful of times and already my face has cleared up and is definitely slightly less oily! It contains linseed infusion to nourish the skin, mint for toning, cocoa butter for moisturising and rhassoul mud to cleanse and absorb grease, all of which I think this face mask does!

Lush says to keep this product refrigerated, but living in Scotland I just keep mine in my bathroom next to the window, I still get that cool, super refreshing refrigerated feeling when I put Cupcake on my face. I leave it on for around 10 minutes, it does tighten up a bit, but its really easy to wash off unlike a lot of other face masks - this one just crumbles away when you splash your face with warm water.

I'm really impressed with this product, and its definitely encouraged me to try more Lush products in the future!

Whats your favourite Lush product? If you'd like to see any product reviewed, just let me know in a comment! x


  1. I love this Lush face mask. My favourite Lush product has to be charity pot it's amazing

    1. I'm really starting to get into more Lush products, they're great. I'll deefinitely take a look at charity pot next time in in the market for a body lotion! :p xx

  2. That sounds great. I love putting on face masks and relaxing in the bath. They always feel super pampering.


  3. OMG thank god for your review!!!!!!!!!
    I would've never known about this product!!
    I've been breaking out quite a bit, so i'm going to test this out!!
    Plus it's chocolate scented, so that's and added bonus!!!

    xoxo, maria

    1. Aha, you're welcome love! It really is sooo lovely, and the chocolate smell is gorgeous.
      Thanks for following btw, you've got a new follower too, loving your blog! xx


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