Saturday, 24 March 2012

Bomb Cosmetics: Rock n' Roller Soap

When I came home last night, my mother presented me with a gift, which was very thoughtful and sooo lovely when it turned out to be Rock n' Roller Soap by Bomb Cosmetics!

I've never tried anything from Bomb Cosmetics before, but I have heard of them. This is once of their soap slices, which retail at £2.49 for 100g, a really decent price for a big bar of soap!

Its a gorgeous green bar with lots of silver glitter and a star decoration inside the soap. And of course, it smells devine!

The Bomb Cosmetics website says: "A deliciously scented Lime and Kiwi soap made with a cocktail of get up and party citrus oils to help stimulate and energise you for the long night ahead!".

The scent is a mixture of lime, kiwi and apple, with peaches and cream, lilly and jasmine, and finishes off with soft vanilla and musk. Its really fresh, fruity and zesty, I haven't smelt anything like it but I really love it and can't wait to use it!

The soaps are available here:

Hope you enjoyed this! Whats your favourite soap brand? x


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    1. Thanks! It smells gorgeous I can't wait to use it! xx


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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