Thursday, 8 March 2012

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bacs.

If you're from the USA, you'll know all about these little babies. If you (like me) are not, then let me introduce you to the PocketBac from Bath & Body Works.

Left to right: Sour Drop, Gum Ball, Apple, Forbidden Apple, Black Cherry.

They're small 29ml bottles of anti-bacterial hand gel. They come in all sorts of scents and designs, and they're just lovely. Being a fan of anti-bac hand gel and a regular festival goer, I had my heart set on getting some of their Halloween designs.

Here in the UK, the offerings as far as hand gel is concerned are poor. Mostly they have no scent, or if they do, its either citrus or cucumber. Recently Soap & Glory produced a grapefruit scented hand gel, and The Body Shop have recently released several fruity scented hand gels, both of which I've yet to try.

A few months ago, I discovered the PocketBac's, and purchased 'Forbidden Apple' from Ebay. The scent is so strong and it stays on your hands for ages, and being a true Halloween freak, the bottle was what first attracted me to the product.

So last week, I bought 4 more Halloween themed hand gels, and here they are!
Sour Drop: The purple gel, my least favourite scent, smells like melon but sour.
Gum Ball: The blue gel, one of my favourites, smells exactly like bubble gum!
Bat Bite Apple: Not as strong as 'Forbidden Apple', but still very nice.
Skulls: Forbidden Apple: A very strong, sweet apple scent.
Scary Cats: Black Cherry: A sweet cherry scent, smells like Cherry Bakewells.

I really love these, in the US they retail at $1.50 each, very cheap, and you can get them on Ebay for a very decent price. I'll definitely be buying more and asking my family to bring me some back from Florida.

If you'd like to see a product reviewed, or anything at all, just let me know by leaving a comment! x


  1. I wants one! Help me find some halloween ones on ebay? xx

    1. They're sooo nice :) This is the seller I got mine from


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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