Thursday, 13 December 2012

ELF Haul

Hello again everyone! Last week, before I went on my spending ban, ELF were doing a 50% off deal on all their products. I bought a few things for Christmas pressies, and more than a few things for myself! So I thought I'd show you what I bought:

I ended up buying a lot of things I've never tried before, and a few of their new products. As always ELF delivered pretty quickly even though they must have been so busy with orders.

ELF Hypershine Lipgloss - £1.50 each.

I bought two of the hypershine glosses for myself in the shades Sugar Plum and Joy. Technically I paid 75p each for these so I can't complaing about much. I'm not a big fan of the whole 'twist brush' thing, but the colours are lovely and the gloss isn't too sticky.

ELF Studio Baked Eyeshadow in Burnt Plum - £3.75

These baked eyeshadows are some of ELF's newest products. They also have some baked blushes and bronzers which I'm dying to get my hands on but they haven't been released in the UK yet.

This is a beautiful purple/red plum colour, its amazing. It really makes my green eyes pop but I do apply some nude eyeliner to my waterline to avoid that 'junkie' red rimmed eyes look. Its so pigmented and really perfect for a winter eye look.

ELF Studio Single Eyshadow in Pebble - £3.95
I love love love this colour. It's like a cross between MAC's Copperplate and NARS' Lhaza. Its a lovely grey taupe. Its not as pigmented as the baked shadow but a few sweeps will do the trick.

ELF Studio Blushes in Blushing Rose and Berry Merry - £3.75 each.
I wanted to try some darker blushes for winter, and as I know my lovely Mummy has bought me NARS Sin for my Christmas, I didn't want to splash out. Blushing Rose and Berry Merry are similar shades, but Berry Merry is more pink toned than Blushing Rose. Berry Merry is also more pigmented.

ELF Studio High Definition Powder - £6.00
I'd been eyeing this up for a while as I was curious to see if/how it worked. So far, I'm not too sure but I'm going to keep trying with different brushes to see what effect I get.
ELF Studio Small Stipple Brush - £3.75
What can I say about this? Its a lovely soft small stipple brush, perfect for highlighting, blush and possibly contouring. I'll definitely get good use out of this!
Thanks for reading, bye for now!
Fiona xox


  1. I've never tried ELF but really want to I'm disappointed I missed out on this deal, the products look great! Especially the eyeshadow!

    1. Luckily they seem to do deals all the time! I'd keep an eye out and definitely give some of their stuff a go! Xx

  2. The baked eyeshadows look amazing. x

    1. It's really lovely! The other shades look gorgeous but I'll leave them alone for now since I don't really need them :p how's the spending ban going? Xx

  3. I've never tried ELF but this stuff all looks lovely :) xx

    1. I'd definitely give their stuff a go! For the price it's great quality and they're always putting good deals on :) xx

  4. I'm so glad you made this post I've been browsing their website looking for things to buy! I think I'll definitely be getting a couple of their blushes and have you tried the stippling brush for creme blushes yet? is it good? xxxx

    1. I tried it tonight actually, it's good! Its just the right size for applying cream blush :) thanks for following btw! Xx


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