Friday, 28 December 2012

Xmas 2012 | Beauty Presents

Hello everyone! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas if you were celebrating. I had a lovely day, my parents and I opened our presents and then helped Bailey open his! We went out for dinner with the rest of my family, as there are too many of us for a regular dining table! I had an amazing meal, Monkfish with pancetta and vegetables (my mum made us a proper turkey dinner on the 23rd so I didn't miss out!). We had a really great day.

As always, my family were far too generous and I received some amazing gifts. I am so so grateful for everything I was given. So many people don't get to celebrate Christmas the way we do so I'm really thankful.

These posts seem to be quite popular, so I thought I'd show you the beauty related presents. I'm in no way bragging. I didn't really ask for anything this year so a lot of my pressies were toiletries, so be prepared!

My parents always get me stockings stuffed with toiletries, I think they try to set me up for the year ahead! These Olay and Kleenex goodies won't go wrong, I love the shine sheets.

I also got lots of beauty goodies from Primark, the TOWIE lashes are gorgeous, although I'm not a TOWIE fan! I got some face masks too.

My lovely wee Grandpa got me this beautiful No.7 skincare set.
Make up! Woo. My parents got me this Victorias Secret eyeliner, and my first NARS blusher in the shade Sin. I love it. 

Frizz Ease products for my super curly frizzy hair, and some Avon hair oil from my Aunty and Uncle.

I also got lots of amazing toiletries, The Body Shop Cranberry Joy is my absolute favourite Christmas scent and the hand wash/cream set is lovely. The mango wash and scrub smell exactly the same as The Body Shop one, and I think you get them in ASDA. The Beauticology set is so pretty, and of course my Mum didn't forget to add some Lush goodies!

One of my favourite presents, the Dita Von Teese perfume and shower gel! I absolutely adore Dita, and my parents know this. It smells amazing!

I told you this was coming! As always I was given some good quality razors, which keeps my legs smooth and me happy!

My lovely Godmother got me these Soap & Glory goodies! I've tried the shampoo and conditioner before and absolutely love them. 

This was an amazing extra from my parents! Its the massive Soap & Glory gift set that they reduce from £60 to £27 the week before Christmas. I did know I was getting this as me and my Mum stalked the Boots website for weeks then sent my Dad out at 9am to get it. Is brilliant and all the products last me ageeesss. Such good value for money.

I'm so so grateful for everything I got this year, my parents know me so well and everyone else was so generous, I'm so lucky. I hope you all had a lovely Xmas and got lovely presents as well!

Fiona xox


  1. Eeee you got spoilt mrs! I can't wait to see some reviews of these products xx

    1. I'm was really lucky this year, I hope you got spoilt as well! :) I'll definitely do some reviews as I try things! Xx


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