Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Feel Unique Haul | Philip Kingsley & John Frieda

I recently made my first Feel Unique order, and I've got to say I'm impressed. They sell lots of brands that I don't have access to at really good prices! Plus I got 10% off! My haul was an all hair one, I needed some products to tackle my scalp psoriasis and something for my frizzy frizzy curls! 

Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Toner 75ml: £6.75 - This comforting scalp toner is to be used after you wash your hair and is rubbed into the scalp. It's very watery and runny (easy to waste a lot of product) but so far I feel like my scalp is considerably less itchy! Avon used to make one that I loved but they've discontinued it! This is much more expensive but I do like it as you don't wash it out. 
Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask 20ml: £4.70 - Exfoliating scalp mask containing organic Aloe Vera and a combination of powerful exfoliants to help minimize flaking whilst soothing the scalp. I love the idea of these scalp masks! 20 minutes before you wash your hair you rub this into your scalp, and ooh, it feels lovely! I definitely feel like it's lifting the horrible flakes out of my scalp. 
Philip Kingsley Stimulating Scalp Mask 20ml: £4.70 - A combination of vitamins, minerals, stimulating menthol and peppermint for optimum scalp health. I haven't tried this yet, but I thought it would be good to use one I've finished the exfoliating scalp mask! 
John Frieda Overnight Repair Formula Creme Serum 50ml: £6.99 - An intense treatment for dry, frizzy hair, this serum is applied to dry hair before bedtime and left on overnight. When I wash my hair in the morning it feels so much softer when I've used this, so thumbs up. Hopefully with continued use my hair will improve! 

I also got a free sample of the Phyto Ultra Repair Mask which I've yet to try! 

Fiona xox


  1. lovely post! i've never used feel unique before and those scalp masks look really lovely and definitely something i would love to try!

    Laura xxx
    also, if you would like to enter my giveaway to win a gorgeous necklace here is the link :)

  2. Ooh lovely purchases, I would love to hear how you get on with them once you've used them for a little while!

    Jennie xo |


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