Sunday, 27 October 2013

Little Mix For Collection | Perrie Lipstick

Little Mix for Collection Lipstick in Perrie: £2.99

Sorry for the long absence again (and my hairy arm in the swatch photo!) but I'm back with a quick review of this lipstick from Collection. Much like the MUA for One Direction collection I am not a Little Mix fan, but I think the girls are talented and I love their style.

The reason this lipstick caught my attention is because it's an exact dupe for MAC's Up The Amp lipstick! I don't own Up The Amp but I do have it's matte version RiRi Boy, and I can assure you that apart from the finish RiRi Boy and Perrie are the exactly the same. The formula is nothing amazing, but it's not awful either; it does last a good while on the lips. 

I think for £2.99 this is definitely worth picking up! I personally hate taking my expensive lipsticks with me on a night out, so I love the idea of using my MAC lipstick when I'm getting ready and having a cheap dupe to take with me for touch ups! 

Fiona xox


  1. I have Up The Amp and love it and have been looking for a cheap dupe for nights out, might have to go get this!

    lisatakespictures | fashion, beauty & ramblings

  2. It looks beautiful, such good pigmentation and super affordable - the best combination!

    Jennie xo |

  3. love that colour!
    Have you tried it out yet? Was it good quality, how long did it last? :)

    Melissa | Lemonmel


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