Saturday, 21 January 2012

Soap & Glory Review

I love Soap & Glory. The retro pink packaging, the smell, their attitude to beauty, everything!

They are a fairly expensive brand but for the last few years I've been lucky enough to have been given their huge gift sets from Boots, so I've tried and tested quite a few of their products, and here are two of my favourites!

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Body Butter 300ml - £10.21

This stuff is lovely smelling like every Soap & Glory product. It's definitely a 'body butter' rather than a 'body lotion' because its so thick, which I love because I really hate runny body lotions.

It leaves the skin super soft and smelling amazing, especially after using the body scrub.

Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Scrub 300ml - £6.64

I really love this body scrub, unlike other scrubs 'Flake Away' is really coarse and has much bigger 'granules', which takes off a lot more dead skin and makes your skin ten times softer than most other products. It really gets in there and does the job, and it leaves skin super smooth. Along with the body butter, its a killer combination!

I'd highly recommend these products to anyone with dry rough skin. Even though they're perfumed, they definitely don't irritate the skin. Lovely lovely stuff!

If you'd like me to review any other Soap & Glory products, or anything else, just ask! x


  1. I love Flake Away, it always leaves my legs super soft, plus it takes absolute ages to get through the tub as well! Definitely good value for money. Another S&G product that I can't live without is Dr Spot! For oily skin it's a life saver!

    1. I know, the tub is massive! Thank you, I have really oily skin so I'll definitely give it a go at somepoint! x

  2. I love Soap & Glory, I have had a lot of the products and I have only had one that has let me down! x

    1. It really is great stuff. Which product let you down? Its always good to know what people don't recommend x

  3. Love these products! Lovely blog :) follow me



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