Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Foundation Overview.

Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts, been busy with exam revision, lack of money and festival preparation! But I'm back now :)

Thought I'd do a quick overview of all the foundations I own, and let you know what I think of them! I've never been a fan of buying lots of foundations at the one time, it seems daft, so I only have a few, if I like them, I'll repurchase, and if not, move on to something else!

Left to right; Collection 2000 Naturally Matt, Rimmel 'Wake Me Up', Bourjois Healthy Mix, Revlon ColorStay, MAC Studio Fix Fluid.

Collection 2000 Naturally Matt in Blonde 2, £2.99 - Bought this because it was so cheap but promised matte skin! Its not the best of foundations, and the colour was awful, all the shades in the range are way too orange, I had to pale mine down with white foundation. It has decent staying power though. Would I repurchase? No, probably not.

Rimmel 'Wake Me Up' Foundation in True Ivory, £8.99 - This is one of my favourite foundations, it really does make you look fresh and awake! For £8.99 its a really good high-street foundation. It has sparkle but it doesn't make your face look like a glitterball! Doesn't have the best staying power on oily skin but its better than some foundations and is fine with powder and touch ups throughout the day. Would I repurchase? Already have!

Bourjois Healthy Mix in 52 Vanille, £9.99 - This is the newest addition to my foundation collection, and I really like it. Again, not the best staying power for oily skin but it would be amazing on normal to dry skin. Avoid if you have really sensitive skin, this is highly perfumed and might break you out! Would I repurchase? Yes, but might try the Healthy Mix Serum instead of the original foundation again. 

Revlon ColorStay for Combination Oily Skin in Sand Beige, £12.40 - I had high hopes for this foundation, but it wasn't the miracle product I was looking for. It has good staying power, especially as its aimed at those with oily skin (there is a version for dry/normal skin too). The colour is good but oxodizes on extremely oily skin and goes a bit orange,  I think I need to test this foundation out a bit more. Would I repurchase? Maybe.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW20, £19.50 - A good sturdy foundation to have, MAC Studio Fix Fluid is good for all skin types, but especially oily skin. It has good staying power, but NW20 seems a little dark for me, which is a shame as its the lightest colour in the Studio Fix Fluid Range. For £19.50, its a good foundation but nothing overly impressive. Would I repurchase? Maybe, would like to try some other MAC foundations first.

I have a really nice collection of foundations, some nice ones for daytime and some more hardwearing ones for long nights out. Next on my hitlist to try are the Estee Lauder DoubleWear foundation, the Sleek Creme to Powder foundation, and maybe a little something from Illamasqua! Need to finish a few of these first though, and save up some money!

Hope you enjoyed this post, whats your favourite foundation? Do you like me only have a few, or do you like to have lots of different products in your collection?  Let me know! xx


  1. Haven't tried any of these but I've heard great things about the Bourjois foundations, the Revlon one costs nearly 20 euro where I live which is ridiculous! My favourite high-street foundation is Maybellines Dream Satin Liquid.

  2. Great reviews. I want to try the wake me up foundation, but am afraid that the lightest will be too orange, because lots of people have commented on it's orange undertones. What do you think? Mac studio sculpt is my fail safe foundation, though I use Dream Satin Liquid, Nars Sheer Glow and Revlon's colour adapt from time to time too xx

    1. I'm not sure I would say orange, but the palest shade would maybe be a touch to dark for you, from what I've seen on your blog! :p I use the second palest and its just right for me, best way to find out would be to go in and try the tester on your jawline to see if it matches well :) xx

  3. Lovely post! I bought the Collection 2000 one in the lightest shade and it too was super orange! I was well gutted. You should try the Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation- I've got oily skin and I've been loving that recently. xx

    1. p.s you should try MAC Pro Longwear Foundation for oily skin- I got recommended it by the make up artist in store xx

    2. I'll definitely give both of them a go at somepoint! Thanks chica xx

    3. No worries! I just know the trials and tribulations of having oily skin :] xx


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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