Monday, 21 May 2012

Matalan Jewellery Haul.

Hello everyone!

Normally, when I think of Matalan, I think of a fuddy duddy shop with the occassional good find. Mind you, I hadn't been there for a while! Until this morning, when I was ridiculously pleased to come across their jewellery section!

Its obvious that Matalan's 'Destiny' range comes from the same company who make jewellery for Topshop! Found a lot of the same designs for a lot cheaper. Anyway, I couldn't indulge due to saving up for Download Festival, but I did get a few things from their sale!

I bought this cross necklace for £2, and two pairs of cross earrings in silver and gold for £1.50 each! I've already owned the gold cross earrings from Topshop, and I can promise you they are exactly the same.

Matalan have so many beautiful pieces of jewellery that are right up my street, lots of crosses, studs, spikes, crossed and peace symbols! I'm definitely heading straight back up there next time I have some extra money to spend!

I'll be back with more posts later in the week! Hope you enjoyed this xx


  1. I have both those sets of earring from Toppers and they were 4 quid each. Good bargain!


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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