Saturday, 23 June 2012

St Tropez Skin Illuminator in Violet.

Hello everyone!

Never in a million years did I think I'd be sitting here, writing to you about a St Tropez product! I'm not a fake-tanner, I've barely used the stuff and I much prefer the 'pale and interesting' look. But this isn't a fake tan product!

Alongside their more traditional illuminator shades of Gold and Rose, St Tropez offer something different - a Violet shade. I was immediately drawn to this, the idea of a violet illumator appealed to me greatly, and I'm not dissapointed!

St Tropez Skin Illuminator in Violet - £12.00 for 50ml. I think £12 for 50ml is a great bargain, especially considering I paid more than £20 for 30ml of NARS Illuminator, and the bottle wasn't even filled right up! You definitely get a lot of product for your money here.

I love this stuff, it comes out of the bottle white, but when rubbed into the skin it creates a gorgeous lilac/violet shimmer on the skin. Nothing too outrageous or obvious, just a subtle purpley shimmer.

I can see me wearing this all year round. My NARS super orgasm illumator is a summer only affair -peachy pink with lots of gold glitter - but you could get away with this cool-toned violet illuminator even in deep winter. The product is mainly designed for those with paler skins, but those with darker skin could definitely pull it off for an interesting look!

The above pictures really don't do it justice, you really have to see it in real life! You can find this product on the fake tanning aisle of larger Boots stores.

I'm really pleased with the St Tropez illuminator, I was never into the whole 'highlight, illuminate, contour' thing, but I'm slowly dipping my toes in and this is the perfect product! I'll definitely be looking into trying their 'Rose' shade.

I hope you enjoyed this post, do you use any illuminators? xx


  1. Ohh I like this. Shall need to have a lil swatch on ebay. xx

  2. Hey! I tagged you in a post!

    Liebster Award @ The Style Khaleesi

    Hope you can have a wee look xox


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