Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Review: VIVO Baked Bronze in Healthy Glow

Just a quick post to tell you about a product I bought a few weeks ago; VIVO Baked Bronze in Shade 3, Healthy Glow. VIVO are not a brand I'm too familiar with. I've seen plenty of reviews of their products, but I've never tried any myself. The brand is exclusive to Tesco supermarkets, so when I nipped in with two of my friends, we couldn't resist having a look at the beauty aisle!

VIVO Baked Bronzer in Healthy Glow - £5.00

I picked up the lightest shade of their Baked Bronzers. I wouldn't actually call this shade a bronzer unless you were very very pale. It makes for an incredible highlighter, and since buying it I've seen lots of blog posts comparing it to MAC's Soft & Gentle MSF. Its great for using during the day if you want to highlight, but don't want to be all out obviously shimmery!

Photo credit: Hima Beauty Shop.
For £5.00, the quality is impressive. The packaging is really sturdy and doesn't feel cheap at all, and you get a whopping 12 grams of product, compared to MAC MSF's which only have 7 grams.

As much as I'm loving my new MSF's from MAC, I think I'll be scoring Soft & Gentle off my wishlist for now. This is just too good a bargain and too close in colour to waste £21.50, when I could buy all the other bronzers in the VIVO range and some of their baked blushes, which is what I fully intend to do! The brand has really impressed me and I'll definitely be going back for more, its great quality and is so affordable!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever tried any products from VIVO? xx


  1. I might give this a go, Ive been looking for a decent highlighter for pale skin xox

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  2. Wow- great discovery! I have one blush from Vivo and I love it! And you are right- such a bargain! X


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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