Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Technic Nail Varnish in Carnival

Hello everyone! Another quick wee post. As I'm sure you all know by now, multi glitter nail polishes are all the rage! First, there was OPI for The Muppets 'Rainbow Connection', which I missed out on. Next, there was Models Own for Hed Kandi in 'Ibiza Mix', one of my most loved nail varnishes.

Now, I bring you 'Carnival' by Technic:

Technic Nail Varnish in Carnival: 99p

Thats right, 99p! What a bargain. I picked mine up from my local Bodycare store. Its a mix of different sized glitter pieces in blue, red, gold, silver and green suspended in a clear base.

Its actually very different close up compared to Ibiza Mix, Carnival has much brighter colours of glitter. They're both beautiful and I'm glad I got Carnival, because I'm terrified of the day I run out of Ibiza Mix if its limited edition!

Close up of Carnival.
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