Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fashionista Custom Design Blush Palette

For months and months, I passed by the Fashionista stands in Superdrug, uninterested in what they had to offer. Finally, earlier this week me and my friend were browsing when we stopped to have a look at the Fashionista stuff.

I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of pretty blushes, and a neat little palette to pop them in. Even better when I seen the offer for 4 blushes or eyeshadows, and a palette, for only £10! Normally the induvidual shadows/blushes retail for £4 each, and the palettes are £5. What a bargain!

So I decided to pick up two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter shade, perfect for travelling!

The blushes originally came in these little cases, but they easily pop out and into the palette! If you didn't want to go for a whole palette, the induvidual cases are really nice and sturdy.

Fashionista sell two different quad palettes, red and black. I chose the red because it was really different to other palettes I own and will stand out!
A great part of the palette is that you can see the shade names on the back! I got four shades:
New York: A shimmer baby pink with dark pink veining.
Barcelona: A champagne shimmer with veining - perfect for highlighting!
Cinnamon: A dusky matte rose.
Paris: A matte bronzer.
Without flash, l-r clockwise from top: New York, Barcelona, Paris, Cinnamon

With flash, l-r clockwise from top: Barcelona, Paris, Cinnamon, New York
I am so so in love with this palette! Its sleek and pretty, and the blushes/bronzers have good pigmentation. I've created it with travel in mind, but no doubt I'll be using it all the time. I fully intend to go back for more! xx 

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