Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lush Halloween | Calacas Shower Jelly

Hello everyone! Sorry for the little absence, as usual, life catches up and I just forgot to blog!

With Halloween fast approaching Lush finally got their Halloween stuff in. Not as much as last year, which I was really dissapointed by, so I only picked up one thing:

Calacas Shower Jelly - £3.25 from Lush

Calacas is a spooky slime green shower jelly, that smells of limes. Its not too zesty and sharp, but its not too sweet either, a nice inbetween!

Its supposed to have a spooky skull face in the jelly, but as you can see mines has gone a bit droopy!
Lush shower jellies are really nice to use, a cross between a soap and a shower gel they're so wobbly and fun! Lush only have two jellies in their permenant range, Sweetie Pie and Whoosh, so it was exciting to have a different fragrance to use. If you love Lush but don't own a bath like me, only showers, this is definitely worth trying since you miss out on all the lovely bath stuff!
Until next time, bye bye! :) xx


  1. Hi my lovely,
    i have awarded you the Liebester award. Come check out my blog to see what its all about.
    Kindest regards Kazzii @

  2. thanks for sharing.


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