Friday, 22 March 2013

Liebster Award | Tagged by GlitterbombMakeUp

Hey everyone! A few days ago I was tagged by the lovely Naomii over at GlitterbombMakeUp for a Liebster award!

Here are the rules:
- You must post 11 random facts about yourself.
- You must answer 11 questions from the person who chose you.
- You must create a new set of 11 questions for who you tag. 
- You must then tag 11 blogs with under 200(I'll tag who I like!) followers and let them know.
- You can not tag back.

1. My middle name is Helen. 
2. I have a 6 month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Bailey!
3. I'm a journalism student, but I hate phoning people for interviews.
4. I love my own bed and don't really like staying over at other peoples houses.
5. I have an obsession with blusher. 
6. I have an obsession with lipstick (especially purple). 
7. I want to travel alllll the way from Scotland to go to the CCO in York. 
8. I once fell in to a pond full of ducks. 
9. I wear black 90% of the time. 
10. I don't moisturise my body as much as I should. 
11. I fail at dyeing my hair, I always miss a bit! 


1) What is the worst make up product you have tried? - Definitely the Revlon ColorStay Mousse Foundation. Love the liquid version, but steer clear of the mousse!
2) Favourite place to shop for beauty products? - Probably Boots or Superdrug as I don't like being hassled by beauty counter assistants. 
3) What kind of camera do you use to take photos for your blog? - I use a Panasonic Lumix 10 mega pixels digital camera, although I'd love to get a DLSR.
4) How long has your blog been open for? - Just over a year. 
5) What do you enjoy blogging about most? - I love it when I review a product and get a lot of good responses from my lovely followers! 
6) If you could live anywhere, where would it be? - Probably New York or Paris. 
7) Who is your favourite artist/band? - Rob Zombie! 
8) What's your favourite social networking site? - Probably Twitter. 
9) Do you prefer GFC or BlogLovin? - Definitely GFC, I'll be sad to see it go.
10) Whats your favourite eyeshadow? - I really like Suspect by Urban Decay, it makes for a lovely shimmery neutral eye with matte brown in the crease. 
11) Whats the oldest product in your beauty collection? - Probably my Benefit blush in Thrrrob! Its actually been discontinued now, I've had it for yonks.


1) Victoria @ RazzleDazzelAndRockNRoll
2) Laura @ Laurzrah 
3) Robyn @ Pooches & Cream 
4) Carlyn @ Smoking Peaches
6) Lauren @ Peachy Curves  


1) What's your favourite beauty brand of all time? 
2) Do you have any nicknames? 
3) What beauty brand/product would you like to get more in to? 
4) What's your favourite lipstick? 
5)What part of your beauty routine do you like/dislike the most? 
6) Do you have any pets? 
7) What is your 'holy grail' product?
8) Do you have any hidden talents? 
9)What's your favourite limited edition item that you own/wish you owned?
10) What are your travel make up essentials? 
11) What's your favourite thing about blogging? 

Fiona xox

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  1. I love Thrrrob blusher too :)



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