Sunday, 3 November 2013

NARS Holiday 2013 | Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Blush Palette

from l-r clockwise: Devotee, Mistinguette, Orgasm, Goulou, Deep Throat and Laguna
NARS Holiday 2013 Guy Bourdin One Night Stand Blush Palette: £45.00

Okay! I think you've all already seen this, but here it is again, the NARS Guy Bourdin 'One Night Stand' Blush palette! I couldn't resist. I've heard some pretty controversial things about Guy Bourdin and his photography, and I've even heard bloggers say they would refuse to buy from this collection on principle. Art will always be controversial so I wasn't going to let that get between me and this palette. 

It consists of four blushes, a highlighter and a bronzer. The highlighter Devotee is so shimmery: a bit much for daytime but a gorgeous highlighter for evenings out. Then there are three best selling shades, the famous Orgasm and Deep Throat blushes and the Laguna bronzer. Mistinguette is the terrifyingly bright pink (top middle) that swatches a little less scary. Finally Goulou (bottom right) is a gorgeous shade that I can only describe as "if Orgasm and Sin had a baby..." 

The size of the palette was a little dissapointing, I think NARS just seem to have a habit of producing tiny palettes for a huge price. However it does seem to be deceivingly small, as each blush apparently contains 4g, in comparison to a normal NARS blusher which is 4.8g. So you're getting 6 products at 4g for the same price as two 4.8g blushes, not bad!

I've been lazy and haven't swatched this for you but Beautezine has a fabulous post on this:

Even though this is a 'holiday' release, most of these shades seem suited to the summer holidays rather than wintertime, but the more shimmery shades do feel rather Christmassy. All in all this is a lovely palette and if you can get your hands on it, do. 

Fiona xox


  1. This is an amazing mix of their best sellers - what a great buy! Xx

  2. Great set. Deep throat is my fave, ha. x

  3. Oh my i want it sooo bad haha, i don't own any nars products so this sounds great for me x

  4. This palette looks so lovely and I'm super jealous of everyone that has one, they keep popping up on my bloglovin' feed!

    Jennie xo |

  5. oh this looks wonderful!


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