Sunday, 22 April 2012

Haul 21/04/2012

Went a wee shopping trip with my Mama and picked up a few things I've had my eye on.

First off I found the shampoo that goes with the big 1L bottles of conditioner I bought the other week, yay! I paid more for it than I did with the conditioner, but ack well. Found it in TK MAXX.

Great Hair Anti Frizz Shampoo - £3.99

I then went into Boots and picked up 2 more Models Own Polishes as they were 2 for £8. I picked up Mystic Mauve, a gorgeous metallic pink/lilac, and Pink Fizz, a baby pink glitter.

Models Own Nail Varnish in Mystic Mauve - £5.
Models Own Nail Varnish in Pink Fizz - £5.

Next up was a trip to M.A.C! I'd had my eye on the Nicki Minaj Viva Glam, but seeing it in real life it was far too bright and neon for my skintone. So instead I settled for another colour I'd fancied, Hang-Up. Its a deep berry red with purple tones, and its my first Creamsheen from M.A.C!

Finally, I got some bracelets! I got 2 'Saints' bracelets at £2.99 each in pink and purple, and a Shamballa skull bracelet at £3.99, they're all so pretty!

I also got a few bits and pieces for when I go to Download Festival in June, but if I do any festival posts (would you like to see any?) then I'll show you!

Hope you enjoyed this! xx


  1. I love the look of pink fizz..Ive never had a models own nail polish. Might have to pick one up next time :-) I love that lipstick, although the next MAC lipstick I want is Milan Mode. Such a pretty colour!
    Linzi xx

  2. I always debate whether to pick up Hang Up whenever I go to M.A.C but I think after seeing this I'm definitely going to get it next time I'm there haha.


  3. I've just been reading through your blog and I'm SO glad I found it. You write about all the products I want to read about. Just thought id let you know what a great job i think you're doing! X

    1. Thanks so so much, such a lovely thing to say! :D and thank you for following! xx


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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