Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nail Polish Haul: Models Own & Max Factor

Hello everyone! So this week, as my love affair with Illamasqua began, another one ended. For years, I've turned to Barry M for my nail polishes. For £2.99, their basic black and pastels are undoubtedly still my favourites, but recently I've become bored with their basic colour range and limited range of glitter polishes (apart from red, blue and green, none of them ever seem to be in shops!).

After seeing Model's Own 'Hed Kandi' collection and their dupe for OPI's 'Rainbow Connection', I had to get my hands on a few of their polishes. Looking on their website I quite fancied their 'Glitter Collection', but I already own colours similar to two of the polishes in the collection, 'Emerald City' and 'Purple Haze'. So I went into trusty ol' Boots today and made the most of their 3for2 offer:

Models Own for Hed Kandi in 'Ibiza Mix' - £5.00
Models Own in 'Disco Mix' - £5.00
Models Own in 'Juicy Jules' - £5.00

'Ibiza Mix' is a limited edition colour for 'Hed Kandi', and has been compared by a few bloggers to 'Rainbow Connection' by OPI in their Muppets Collection. It has a clear base with lots of multi coloured glitter particles, both large and small. Its truly gorgeous and I might just grab another bottle before the shops stop selling it!

'Disco Mix' is a lovely polish with mix of blue and magenta glitter, and is one of the most unusual glitter polishes I've ever seen. Its also one of the most opaque glitter polishes ever, and is completely opaque after 2 coats.

'Juicy Jules' is a simple silver glitter holographic polish, and will make a really nice top coat over lots of different colours.

I also picked up the much blogged about 'Fantasy Fire' by Max Factor - £3.99

This is a really pretty shimmery purple with pink, red and orange depending what light it is in, and even some greens and blues. I've read that its best used as a top coat on top of pale colours, so I think I'll try it on top of a lilac.

I'm really happy with the nail colours I've bought, I think I'll definitely be buying more Model's Own polishes, not sure about Max Factor as £3.99 is pretty pricey for the tiny bottles.

Whats your favourite nail colour at the moment? xx


  1. A girl after my own heart :) I have just gone mad for models own I got the coloured he'd kandi ones I reviewed on my page, and I just bought max factors fantasy fire its georgous, the ones you got look nice I nearly got disco mix xx

    1. I wish I'd bought more now as Boots 3for2 ends on Tuesday! Might just run out again tomorrow :p I really liked the look of the Hed Kandi ones you reviewed, but I tend to shy away from those kind of brights :(

      And thank youm disco mix is really gorgeous! :) xx

    2. Eeep Tuesday !! I didn't know that thanks too haha, yea they are really bright and in your face, love your blog by the way thanks for replying its nice :) xx

  2. Ooh, love the glitteryness of these polishes. I have yet to try a Model's Own, but am tempted. I also ordered my first Illimasqua product this week and am excited! xx

    1. They're super glittery! :) Some people think £5 is steep, but when you consider you get 5ml more product than Barry M and the same amount as OPI, they're a pretty decent price!

      And ooh, can't wait to see a review! :D xx

  3. Ohhh my god, they all look so lovely. My fave polish right now is GOSH Gasoline :)

    I have awarded you with a Versatile Blogger Award by the way, details are on my blog!

    Linzi xx


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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