Friday, 6 April 2012

Katy Perry for Eyelure "Oh Honey!" Falsh Lash Review

Heres a quick review of the Katy Perry for Eyelure "Oh Honey!" falsh lashes.

I knew I wanted the Katy Perry lashes from the moment I saw them! I love Katy's look, and I love falsh lashes. I picked up the 'Oh Honey!' lashes on a recent shopping trip as I needed a full but natural looking falsh lash.

They're absolutely gorgeous, full and wispy, but nice and long too. They're the perfect length for a 'noticeable' but natural look.

They sit easily on the lash line, the lashes themselves don't have a huge thick strip for the glue, just a very thin one, which makes them look better and apply much more easily!

I really do like these lashes, they're a touch pricey at £5.95 (Some of the range is priced at £6.95) but are definitely worth the money and if you take good care of them they'll last a while. I'm hooked and I'll definitely be buying some of the other sets!

Hope you enjoyed this, whats your favourite brand of falsh lashes? xx


  1. are they a lot easier to appply than say the stargazer ones? I always have a nightmare trying to apply false lashes and end up binning them.

    I'll be doing some benefit reviews shortly if ebay is kind so you can look forward to that lol.


    1. Much much easier! They're much finer so sit better. Have you tried trimming the lashes incase they're too big for your eyes? They won't apply well if they're too big, just measure it against your eye and trim them from the outside.

      And yay! I love me some Benefit, hope the ebaying goes well chica :p xx


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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