Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bailey's Bit | #2

Hello everyone! A few of you said you'd like to see more updates from Bailey, so your wish is our command! Last week we (me and my parents) took Bailey to the beach. The weather in Scotland has been unusually good so we packed the car with a picnic (and lots of doggy treats) and headed to Elie in Fife. 

He absolutely loved it! We had to be careful he didn't overheat, but we made plenty of stops and Bailey had a splash in the water! He's not too sure about swimming yet, but he had a paddle. We're planning to take him up there for a few days next month, so it was reassuring that he enjoyed it so much. As you can see, the cheeky puppy got a lick of my Mum's ice cream, and he was a very tired boy when we got home! 

Fiona xox


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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