Thursday, 4 July 2013

Hair Extensions | My Story & Tips

Over the years, I've sported some good 'looks', and some really dodgy ones (see make up in left hand pic!) but I've often relied on hair extensions to extend the length of my hair when I've had it cut short. 

I have naturally curly hair, that I sometimes straighten then curl again with tongs, and I've bought sets of real hair extensions in order to style them to match my real hair. That's the great thing about real hair extensions, they won't melt like synthetic ones, so you can curl, straighten and blow dry them to your hearts content! I've   rocked them straight, very curled and 1950's styled and I've even bought pre curled extensions to match my natural curls. I've always bought clip in extensions as I've found them the easiest to care for, but real human hair weaves are also another option! I've often wondered about getting a weave but it's something I've yet to try! We'll see what the future holds.

Obviously, you still need to care for these extensions like real hair, because they are real human hair, so make sure you wash and condition them regularly. You wouldn't want hairspray and styling products just left in your real hair, so don't do it to your poor extensions! Extensions really are a great way to get long hair fast, without the serious haircare routine that goes along with having longer hair. It means you can change your hairstyle easily and create hairstyles only achievable with long hair. 

You might be thinking clip in real hair extensions are uncomfortable and not for you, but I can honestly say if you clip them in properly you won't even know you're wearing them. Except when people compliment you on your gorgeous new do! 

Different types of extensions do different things.Wavy real extensions are also a great way to add volume and texture to your hair without getting the curling tongs out. Longer extensions will help you to achieve up do's that are difficult to do with shorter hair. Large messy buns are currently bang on trend, but so hard to create with shorter hair! Extensions are your answer. offer some fantastic deals on real hair extensions, including clip in extensions, human hair weaves and much more! They currently have 75% off some of their real hair extensions, including a wide range of lengths and colours! They have reasonable international shipping charges and free shipping on orders over $99! I'd definitely recommend checking them out for all your hair extension needs.

Fiona xox


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