Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Inglot Haul

I am so so excited to show you my Inglot haul! I recently discovered that there was an Inglot store in Stirling, about half an hour's drive away from me. So I pestered my lovely parents and today they drove me there! I had some Christmas money to spend so since I won't be back there for a while, I indulged:

I bought two palettes, one 10 eyeshadow palette and one 4 blush palette from Inglot's Freedom System, where you can pick and choose your own colours to pop in yourself. I also got a gorgeous lipstick.

The shop didn't have all the colours I wanted in stock, but eventually I picked these four colours; 55, 33, 25 and 63. I hate that they don't have names! But, on the plus side I've swatched them all and they're all soooo pigmented. The blushes are £6.50 each and the palette costs £10.00.

Next up is eyeshadows! I wanted a neutral palette with a few plummy/burgundy shades, and thats exactly what I've got. The colours are as follows; 355, 467, 337, 344, 360, 363, 378, 465, 423 and 452. I chose a mixture of mattes and shimmer shades and two shadows have a 'double sparkle' finish.
The shadows are £4.50 each and the palette costs £8.00, which when compared to MAC is so much cheaper. The palettes are really heavy duty and have a magnetic closure so you can take the lid right off.
Finally I picked up this Inlgot Slim Gel Lipstick - £11.00 in the shade 66. This caught my eye while the shop assistant was looking out the colours for my palette. And its amazing, on the lips it seems similar to MAC's Rebel, but with lots and lots of shimmer and glitter. They had another amazing purple with no shimmer as well.
Overall I'm really pleased with my purchases. I'm so impressed by Inglot as a brand and really love their stuff. Now I've been into the store I'd feel more confident buying online as I know what all the finishes look like. And I definiely will because I definitely want more Inglot!
Fiona xox


  1. It all looks so nice! I love purple lipstick! xx

  2. Can't wait to see swatches.

    Ria x

  3. You picked out some amazing eyeshadow colours!


  4. Awh I love them! I'll be taking a drive through to Stirling to stock up at some point too xox

  5. I think Inglot is great. I haven't tried their blushes yet though but they look amazing. x

  6. Theres an Inglot in Stirling?? I went to uni there, how unfortunate (or fortunate if you're my bank balance) that it wasnt there before I graduated...maybe need to take a wee trip through! This all looks so lovely.

    Jill x

  7. Ohh the blush palette is to DIE FOR!! Just followed - Love your blog! :)
    Can't wait for more posts! :)

  8. I can't believe there's an Inglot in Stirling. I didn't think you could get it in the UK :| I might get someone to drive me through so I can have a look. Where is the store? xo

    1. It's in the Thistles shopping centre, so it's not hard to find at all! :) it's just down from Superdrug. It's worth a trip, I'll definitely be going back! I didn't think there were any in the UK either! Xx


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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