Thursday, 17 January 2013

New From MUA | Setting Spray, Concealer & Foundation

Hello everyone! I picked up some of the new MUA products from my local Superdrug this week, and have been testing them out since!

MUA Matte Perfect Foundation - £2.00 for 35ml 
MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist - £4.00 for 60ml 
MUA Pro-Base Conceal & Brighten Kit - £3.50 for 11g

MUA's Pro-Base Conceal & Brighten kit contains two concealers and one face brightening highlighter. I bought the lightest shade, Porcelain-Beige, which contains pink and yellow toned concealers, and a light pink  highlighter. 

You get a massive amount of product for £3.50, 11 grams to be precise! The concealers are nice and creamy, and although their lasting time isn't amazing they do cover up spots and dark circles well. A lighter highlighter shade would have been better, but overall I can't complain! 

The Pro-Base Fixing Mist is also another winner. Although applying too much can leave my skin feeling a little tacky, on the whole it definitely improves make up wear time! It doesn't quite beat my Urban Decay De-Slick, but its fantastic for everyday use and popping in your bag. 

Finally, theres the MUA Matte Perfect Foundation in the shade Fair. I have a mostly bad relationship with cheap foundations, and at £2 this is super cheap. But I really like it! Despite being slightly too yellow toned for me, its quite a good colour match and does apply matte to my skin. It has medium coverage and lasts a couple of hours before my oily skin gets to it. 

I'm really impressed with these new offerings, and can't wait to see what MUA come up with next!

Fiona xox


  1. I love MUA! I'm wearing this foundation today actually! I really want to try the concealer kit and fixing spray next :)

    Great review - really helpful!

  2. These are on my list to try after my spending ban. They all sound great. x

  3. Ooo I didn't realise MUA had ventured into foundations, I think I'll have to see how this compared to my regular foundations! xx


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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