Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year | Beauty & Blogging Resolutions

Happy new year again everyone! Today I'm going to go through a few beauty and blog related resolutions that I hope to keep in 2013 (fingers crossed!):

1. Spend Less - I did ok with my pre-Christmas spending ban, and although I'm not going on another one I'd like to try and cut down my spending after I've used up some of the money I got for Xmas. I'd really like to stick to this one and save up for festival tickets and pay off some of my overdraft.

2. Post More - I'd like to try and post more regularly here on my blog, and not leave huge long gaps between posting.

3. Be More Creative! - This ties in with my first two resolutions, I'd like to be more creative with my posts on the blog and not just do hauls and favourites all the time. I'll try to do more FOTD's, NOTD's, shopping my stash posts and that sort of thing!

4. Take Better Care of My Skin - My skincare routine is basically non-existant and I really need to get a regime going.

5. Wear More Colours! - I always seem to stick to a neutral eye, and although I do love them and they never go wrong, I need to wear more of the colourful eyeshadows I own.
Fiona xox


  1. Good Luck with your resolutions. Happy new Year. x

  2. We share a common resolution... I want to take better care of my skin too. I started researching products because up to this point I have been using basic drugstore brands to take care of my skin.


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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