Monday 13 August 2012

Birthday Post!

Hello lovelies! It was my birthday yesterday and I turned the grand old age of twenty! I had a wonderful day, seen lots of family and went out for a lovely dinner! I have plans to go out with friends next week. I just wanted to show you the beauty related presents I got, although I know these birthday posts can be controverisial!

Disclaimer: I'm extremely grateful for everything I was given, and I'm in no way showing off. Some people enjoy seeing what others get for their birthdays, others don't. I'm just going to show you beauty related stuff as it makes an interesting post for this blog!

The Body Shop Hemp Gift Set
The Body Shop Body Mist in Japanese Cherry Blossom
These were gifts from my parents, who know how Body Shop obsessed I am. I actually picked these out for myself, I didn't get many surprises from my Mum and Dad this year (apart from the massive surprise when they helped my Grandpa secretly get me an Ipad! He's 82 and has one of his own so he can keep up to date and in touch with everyone! They even wrapped it up in an old Katy Perry perfume set to fool me even more!).

Beyonce Pulse Eau Du Parfum 100ml
Yves Saint Laurent Elle Eau Du Toilette 30ml
The Beyonce perfume was a gift from my older cousin. I would never have picked this out myself, just because I'm not a Beyonce fan, but the scent is lovely! I really like it. The YSL perfume, I again picked for myself from the sale in Boots, its a really nice evening perfume and I wore it out for dinner! I haven't really posted much about perfume on this blog, but I'm a perfume fiend as well as a beauty fiend!

The Body Shop White Musk Gift Set
This was another gift from my big cousin, and its a gorgeous wee Body Shop gift set! It has a mini shower gel, body lotion, a 30ml eau du toilette, and a loofah.

Victorias Secret Make Up Bag
Victorias Secret Luscious Kisses Fragrance Mist
Victorias Secret Luscious Kisses Body Lotion
Victorias Secret Be Seduced Eau Du Toilette 30ml

My Auntie, Uncle and little cousins gave me these Victorias Secret goodies, which they brought back from America with them! I can't believe my luck, they're amazing. I don't think I'll ever use the make up bag incase the little jewels fall off, think I'll keep it for ornamental purposes!

Incase you're wondering "Why no make up?", well, no one got me any! My family are a clever bunch, they know I'm a beauty junkie, so rather than buying me something I might not like, they're kind enough to give me gift vouchers or money which I can spend on make-up if I want to!

I'm really grateful for everything I was given for my birthday, my family are the best, and everything is amazing! I can't wait to hit the town with my friends on Saturday! :) xx


  1. very nice products! your blog is very lovely and interesting <3 maybe we follow each other if you like :))


  2. I love gift posts! Hope you had a great birthday x

  3. Happy birthday! Awesome gifts


  4. Eeee Happy Belated Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day and got spoilt rotten :p I've nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, check out the post


  5. Obviously I want that make-up bag haha! Love it.

    Much love: If you want to follow. xx


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