Monday, 6 August 2012

My Big Illamasqua Mistake!

Hello lovelies! Today I went into Illamasqua intending to buy one blusher, and came out with the exclusive to Debenhams £38 'mystery box'. I knew that 'Collide' nail varnish and 'Electrum' liquid metal were in the box, but there was a mystery blush, lipgloss, lipstick and eyeshadow.

Worth £91.50, I thought 'Wow, what a bargain!' and the lovely sales assistant agreed with me. So I disregarded my blusher and bought this set:

I was extremely dissapointed. The sales assistant told me the boxes contained best selling products, but the blush, lipstick and lipgloss are all discontinued products!

The box was clearly designed for darker skintones, as the blusher in 'Create' is far too dark for me, though it makes a lovely matte bronzer. The lipgloss in 'Twist' is pretty much poo brown and just wouldn't work for me, and will be going on Ebay. The lipstick in Blaze is bright orange, and although gorgeous, its not for me. I might add it to my 100 follower giveaway! The eyeshadow in 'Never' was dissapointing as dark blue isn't my thing, but I've decided to keep it and have a play about with it!

Of course, I'm really pleased with some of the products and pleasantly surprised by others after trying them out. They're all the usual high quality of Illamasqua products and I can't complain about that!

Next time, I'll be sticking to gift sets where I actually know whats in them! I wouldn't recommend these mystery sets unless you're willing to take a risk, if you are, then they're an amazing bargain.

I have another Illamasqua haul from their sale last week, where I was much more pleased, I'll pop that up later! xx


  1. Awk that is gutting, sometimes i hate being pale, as all these things always end up wayy to dark, i never buy boxes of stuff just for the reason being im ridic pale.
    hope you get some use of the stuff or make good money on ebay!! :) xx

    1. Thanks love! Think I've learned my lesson! If money was no object, it wouldn't be a problem, but I think from now on I'll stick to being able to see what products I'm buying :p xx

  2. Gutting! I would have taken it back and had a little rant about that assistant saying it was bestselling products! That's still a lot of money to spend for products you might not use :-( I'm glad you like some of them though :-) Looking forward to the sale haul!

  3. I got the exact same box as you except I got a black eyeshadow. Not great! X


Thanks for all your lovely comments! :)

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